Robert Jessen

Instagram: @robj_alphaphysique

What services I offer?

1:1 Coaching will not only provide you with specialised training programs to reflect your current physique/ strength goals, Your coaching will also include:

  • Competition Preparation
  • Structured Training Programming, inclusive of exercise tutorials all within a user friendly mobile app
  • Nutrition Programming with fully disclosed Macro/calorie targets based on your goals
  • Constant in-depth communication to ensure all questions and queries are answered
  • Access to our Client Forum with extra tips, tricks and information covering a wide range of topics

What I specialise in?

In my 11 years in the industry I have worked with a large number of individuals, all with specific needs & goals, which has led to being extremely experienced. My specialties & niche in the industry is working with individuals that are experienced already & are wanting to go from ‘good to great’. A large portion of my client base is for competition preparation, however I work with any one who is looking exclusively for high level body composition changes and/or performance focused.

Why I love coaching & my ambitions as a coach within the industry?

Still to this day the extremely warming feeling I get when a client achieves a goal, gains confidence or is extremely happy with not only themselves, but the results they have achieved, hasn’t changed. My love for training is only trumped by my love for helping people. After already achieving so much, I still feel as if I’m only just getting started & aim to continue to grow within the industry & become one of the top coaches in the nation. As I grew in the industry & really found my footing, I have really refined the service I provide & endeavour to deliver evidence based practices & repeatedly good results.

About me?

I have always been highly active & ‘sporty’. I started the gym when I was 18 & immediately fell in love with it. Given I lived & breathed health & fitness, I opted to start a career in it & have never looked back since. Inside the industry, in particular it was resistance based training that I found a passion for. I love hypertrophy style training & bodybuilding, as well as anything performance based! I personally compete in body building myself & endeavour to turn pro in the near future. I am also a lover of business & wish to grow a team of like minded coaches, whom will all share the passion & expertise in ensuring Alpha Physique clients get the best experience.


Head Coach Rob is nearing his capacity for general population clients (competition preparation positions are available). At present there are some vacancies available for the right fit & this will be determined within the initial consultation process. If at the time of your application there isn't any spots available, they do open sporadically & you can join a queue for a slightly later start date. If you do wish to work with Rob & want more information on when to get started, fill out his consultation form & he will be in touch with all successful applicants.


Alternatively, Alpha Physique has expanded & Imogen will be accommodating those who wish to make a start on their fitness orientated journey sooner, rather then later. Rob will be overseeing all that Imogen does, meaning you will be receiving the same level of service, plus access to him as well – Ultimately all clients within the Alpha Physique brand will be ensured to get the highest level of service & best possible results. 



Not sure & want more information? Click the ‘chat with us’ button or email & I can help you out.