About us

Alpha Wear is an Australian-based online fitness apparel brand that offers an athletic, styled combination of gym wear meets lifestyle wear. 

Our products are designed to empower your workouts and enter every room with unshakeable confidence whether that be in the gym or just at the local coffee shop. 

It’s all in the finer details. From hand-picked colours to flattering, and body-sculpting fabrics, all Alpha Wear designs are tailor-made.

We spend months perfecting each collection to make you feel amazing and comfortable in every step you take.

Our mission as a brand is to create a movement that embodies‘#the alpha way mentality’ and makes an impact in what they wear

To us, embodying the ‘The Alpha Way’ mentality is more than just strength…

  • "It's mental resilience"
  • "Obsession with the grind"
  • "Sets no limits"
  • "Fears to be comfortable"
  • "Born to make an impact"
  • "and become unstoppable"