Nutrition & Training

Nutrition Plan (One Off)

A personalised Nutrition Plan, designed by a qualified professional, not only promotes healthy eating habits but it also plays a huge role when it comes to your overall health, body composition & energy levels.

Food is one of the biggest contributors regarding brain & body function! When you are fuelled right you think & move right! The better you fuel your body the better you will not only look but feel and when you feel good you live a more valuable life!

You don't need to be following a Nutrition Plan for the rest of your life but the benefits that following a personalised plan can do for you are very sought after! Not only will you learn about yourself & what works for your body but you will also learn about food & their intended purposes. You'll begin to eat for purpose & not just for the sake of filling an empty stomach!

This paired with a structured Training Program can lead to an incredible change in body composition, healthy sustainable habits and life long knowledge!

One off Plan = $145

Nutrition & Training 

Training Program (One Off)

An individualised Training Program creates a purpose within your goals! It enables you to have structure & routine which in turn leads to consistency and better results, long term.

You don't need to have extensive knowledge to be guided through / follow a structured training program. All your need is to fill out a pre screening questionnaire and the program will be built around your current abilities as well as giving you the tools & guidance you need to further your skills, avoid injury & get some epic results! 

All training programs should be followed for a minimum 4 weeks and up to 12 weeks, for most programs. 

Training programs are a great way to build muscle, gain strength, improve your fitness and help improve your overall body structure, balance & stability.

4 Week Training Block is $145 (One off payment).

For best results & progression please see Online Training.