Imogen Harris

Instagram: @imoharris_

What services I offer?

Depending on your goals, my range of expertise and services can cater all! 1:1 Coaching will not only provide you with specialised training programs to reflect your current physique/ strength goals, Your coaching will also include:

  • Structured Training Programming, inclusive of exercise tutorials all within a user friendly mobile app
  • Nutrition Programming with fully disclosed Macro/calorie targets based on your goals
  • Constant in-depth communication to ensure all questions and queries are answered
  • Frequently Updated recipes and new fun ways to make your food and nutrition enjoyable
  • Access to our Client Forum with extra tips, tricks and information covering a wide range of topics
  • Basically two coaches for the price of one as Head Coach Robert Jessen overlooks and ensures all client protocols are spot on!

What I specialise in?

Although training hard is something ill forever be passionate in, all things nutrition is where the love for the industry came about. Thinking smarter not harder when coming to optimising your nutrition, ensuring that nothing is off limits and enjoying every meal is what I will ensure all my clients learn to do! 
Counting calories doesn’t have to be restrictive and boring! I will educate you in all my little tips and tricks to make everyone jealous of your food!

Why I love coaching & my ambitions as a coach within the industry?

Honestly- seeing clients succeed in every which way, whether it is a small win or a big win, fills me with so much joy! I have been where a lot have people are when starting their fitness journey! It is scary, there can be a lot of overwhelming information & if not directed in the right path, can lead to misconceptions within the industry!
I was once the girl in the gym that thought super setting 15 exercises and the cross trainer would get me the “perfect body”. I also look back at when I first start using MyFitnessPal, and the little food I was consuming just because I thought that would give me the body of my dreams - Boy was I wrong! With direction and education throughout my journey has made me want to help others that were in my position! We all start somewhere!

About me?

My name is Imogen and I live and breathe all things health, fitness and well-being!
 My love for the industry began a couple years back when I underwent my own ‘transformation’ both mentally and physically and changed my life for the better!
I specialise in all things nutrition, and you’ll often find me either in the kitchen, the gym or on my computer creating new recipes!
I recently just competed in my first WBFF competition where I placed 7th!
I am super excited to be now working under Rob & the Alpha Physique brand as I truly believe I can provide something special for each and every client, I am extremely passionate and dedicated in helping people create an enjoyable and balanced lifestyle with their training and nutrition, seeing my clients succeed is what fuels my own health and fitness goals!