Competition Prep

You've seen the glitz & the glamour. You've seen the bodies up on that stage & you want to make your mark! You can do it but you need to remember 1 thing... YOU have to believe in YOU! It's as simple as that! It isn't easy but it's more than worth it!


Competition Preparation 

Although similar to my online Coaching package, the consultation & preplanning phase prior to starting is a little more thorough as I need to establish sound understanding of your background & experience, what show you wish to do, determine adequate during & of course map out a game plan & periodisation to ensure you the best possible outcome for competition day. This is a completely personalised service & I coach with the utmost precision, using my knowledge & experience to ensure you’re progressing at the optimal rate each week, as per the targets I set from the very beginning. In the long time I have been doing this, I have created a system that works very efficiently, ensuring quality results & I aim to go beyond what your expectations for having an online coach is like & strive to provide you with the best service & experience possible.

How it works?

To get started, I require you to fill out my online consultation form (below) & once submitted, I will receive & email & from there we I can begin working on your programs. Within my consultation form you will be able to go into detail about what your goals are, what your current exercise & eating trends are & also list your preferences (what you do & don’t like), so that I can ensure your programs are suitable, effective & also enjoyable.

Please note that often my first email response to your submitted consultation form often goes to the ‘junk folder’, so once you have submitted a form, please keep an eye on your junk folder over the next day just in case, I always respond to every submitted consultation form.

Included in my online training package is both a nutrition & training plan & all future amendments to these plans. Your Nutrition Plan will be designed specifically to you, with macronutrients fully disclosed & I also give you a copy of my Flexible Dieting guide to assist you with learning how to ‘flexible diet’ & therefore count/track macronutrients/calories.


Whilst I still do provide a Nutrition Plan as a foundation to work off, I do strive to educate all cliental in the art of tracking calories/food, with the end game being you literally eating as you please, whilst still achieving your body composition goals, rather then always been locked into the confines of a meal plan. If you’re already competent in doing so, great, if you’re not, you have the meal plan to fall back on & follow whilst you learn, it’s the ‘best of both worlds’ approach.

I do advise clients with specific supplementation regimes, however my approach here is very simplistic & I only ever advise what is scientifically proven to work.


Your Training Program includes a full breakdown of what exercises to do, how many reps, sets & what rest to have, it even includes the tempo I would like you to perform each movement with, so that I can track & monitor all finer details to ensure you’re getting the best results possible. This training program is loaded into a mobile compatible spreadsheet which will enable you to log your workout data (weight & reps) so that we can track your training progression as well. I like to cover all basis to ensure my coaching is precise as possible.



Each week you will have a designated check in day & you will be provided 24/7 support, guidance, motivation & education. On your designated check in day, I ask that you to email me your check in form, which will be filled out, giving me a complete break down of how your week was with regards to eating, digestion, training, how you felt etc. etc. I will review this report alongside your plans & when necessary, make amendments to ensure you continue progressing at the desired rate. These adjustments are based on how your body is responding & what results you’re getting week to week - This is how I guarantee you results!


Contest preparation clients receive a very comprehensive video check in response from me each week. I have found that a video response enables me to be far more thorough in explaining everything, as well as more personal. I am also able to share my screen to talk through each piece of the check in I've found to be super helpful. 


With me as your coach I will clearly outline the game plan on your first day, as well as smaller weekly/fortnightly targets so that there is complete transparency with how we’re going to achieve your goals, as well as what you can expect! These smaller goals will help you move forwards as little stepping stones towards your larger goal & I find that my clients knowing what the game plan is, not just in the week ahead, but months ahead, really helps them push forwards.

Posing – I have an ‘in house’ posing coach for my females so that I can have confidence you’re being taught correctly and WELL & I personally coach my male athletes for this.


I always provide you your plan for proceeding your show, well in advance so that you are not left wondering “okay, what now” & so that you can take advantage the time proceeding your show moving forward.


9 times out of 10 I will make all my clients competitions, I truly believe that the coach SHOULD be there on the day, given you have spent so much time working together, I wouldn’t ever want to miss a client showing off their hard work!

Competition Preparation Pricing = $90/wk


What can you expect with Competition Prep:

1. Personalised Nutrition Plan & Structured Training Programs that are based on your goals, needs (personal choices) and lifestyle.

2. Weekly changes made to your Nutrition (if & when required) to ensure your goals are in focus, being met & are kept pushing forward.

3. Monthly changes to your Training Program to keep things exciting for you & to ensure you’re progressing.

4. Supplementation advice & recommendations; also the reasoning behind each recommendation (personalised).

5. Unmatchable support & guidance whenever you need it!

6. Video tutorials to help with technique - you may also send these to me at any time if you would like or need any advice & help!

7. Goal setting & resetting whenever necessary to ensure you stay accountable and on track!

8. The best part of it all.. a new outlook on YOU! A new proudness of YOURSELF! And a happy & healthy balanced lifestyle that YOU can sustain!

It doesn't matter where in the world you are, I am here for you every step of the way with full guidance & support, as are my other athletes, & even clients, as we all want to see each other smash goals!

Don't wait any longer... Get in touch today & start your journey to that stage!