About Us

Alpha Physique was a face to face personal training brand that was first established in 2011. Back then, there was little social media platforms to work with, it was all door knocking & flyer drop advertisement, along with word of mouth & fortunately, right away people saw value in our services & the ball began to roll. 

As time passed & the business grew, so did social media & the world as a whole began changing how things were done, fortunately we jumped on this wave & opened up positions for online coaching. We started small, literally just a single person, then two, we remained humble & patient, refining our services before taking on more & more, that way we could ensure that with greater volume, there would always be a top tier level of service provided.

Fast forward to now & the business is run completely online, inclusive of a ‘sister’ company known as Alpha Physique Wear. The brand is run completely on word of mouth & social media & is growing at an extremely humbling pace, all the while maintaining that same level of service that we strived to always meet.

Alpha Physique is a real company, providing real, factual, evidence based information, with not only individualised services to meet your specific needs, but also the knowledge you can take on board with you for life. As a brand, we’re big on being real & in a world full of misinformation, along with our extremely friendly & supportive nature & top end results, has enabled us to stand out from the pack.

We stand by quality over quality & coming from extremely humbling beginnings, will always truly cater to each clients individual needs to ensure them the best possible outcomes.

Alpha Physique & Alpha Physique Wear were both company designed to ensure no matter who you are, your background, your individualised goals & ambitions, that we have the coaching services available to suit you, along with the apparel to help you look your best every step of the way. We strive to deliver not just the newest trends, styles & extremely flattering designs, but top end quality making you feel good, lasting for years to come. We at Alpha Physique are extremely cognisant that whilst looking good is one thing, feeling good is another, and in the gym, this is paramount.

The brand is evolving at a very quick pace, adding new products, new variants & offering new opportunities on a very frequent basis. Our aim is to build a strong community of customers, customers that want the best for themselves & don’t settle for any less.

To us, the word ‘Alpha’ means ‘To be the best version of yourself’, this is our mission statement for both Alpha Physique & Alpha Physique Wear.